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Where Can I Buy Autotrader Magazine

Whilst on holiday in Florida, Madejski had seen a car sales magazine that included pictures of the vehicles on sale.[3] Realising the potential of the idea, together with his business partners Paul Gibbons and Peter Taylor he founded Thames Valley Trader in 1977.[4]

where can i buy autotrader magazine

Initially, the magazine advertised anything and everything, from houses to cars and even aircraft, but it soon narrowed its focus to vehicles and was rebranded Auto Trader in 1988. The first title was followed by the publication of a second one, Southern Auto Trader.[5]

Sales of the print magazine dwindled in line with the decline of the print industry. By July 2012, circulation had dropped to an average of 87,000 copies a week[14] and down to 27,000 in March 2013.[15]

At the core of Auto Trader is its online marketplace, where consumers buy and sell cars and other vehicles, and where car dealerships advertise and sell their stock, both new and used, to consumers. Retailers pay to advertise vehicles, and consumers also pay a fee unless the transaction is less than GPB 1,000.[41]

Auto Trader operates a YouTube channel where it publishes videos such as car reviews, car comparisons, drag races, and buying guides. Television presenter and automotive journalist Rory Reid joined Auto Trader as YouTube Director in December 2019, and fronts the videos on the channel.[45]

AutoTrader, the company that connects sellers and buyers of vehicles, has decided to close its magazine, which has been the cornerstone of its business for the past 25 years. Michael Bratt spoke to company CEO George Mienie to find out more.

When asked what is happening to the staff who worked on the magazine, who are now out of a job, Mienie explains that over the years the company has tried to naturally let the staff count reduce through resignations, reducing the reliance on print. The number was reduced from 300 to 200 people, almost naturally.

The younger Arnold, then a teenager, moved with his father to Florida and helped in the new venture. He took Polaroid photos of cars for sale and called owners to ask if they wanted to run an ad for just $4. The magazines were sold near the checkout of convenience stores and supermarkets.

Fifteen years later, Auto Trader had sold 17 franchises and published 72 editions of its classified magazines. The first franchise was sold to Ben Schmidt in Cincinnati for $2,000. He later sold it for $7 million. Trader employed 750 people in Florida, with 480 of them in Clearwater.

Many years ago, Auto Trader was a veritable tome, nearing phonebook proportions and jam packed full of new and used cars for sale. Its advertising revenue was immense, and it seemed that it was an institution that would always be there. However, since the launch of the Auto Trader website, circulation volumes of the print magazine have fallen rapidly, with the money generated through its ads almost halving in recent years. This led to a decision from its publisher, The Trader Media Group, to say goodbye to the hard-copy version and focus its efforts solely on the website.

  • Brand Names Are Better: Very much justified, given its existence. Also, the entire magazine name itself - see I Have Many Names.

  • Fandom: As much so as Twilight, Harry Potter or Justin Bieber, and a small group of automotive hobbyists/geeks even try and make replica versions of the magazine (along with other automotive publications, so a Discussed Trope), along with their photoshopped vehicles.

  • I Have Many Names: Until 1988, it was known as Automart, Midland Motor Mart, Thames Valley Trader. In South Africa, the cover reads Auto, and in (Republic of) Ireland it reads Auto Normally, it was just Auto Trader, before becoming Auto

  • Mascot: The robots from 2009 onwards in the TV adverts.

  • New Look, Same Great Taste!: Not directly said, but used from November 2008, their only other redesign of the logo.

  • Sex Sells: A very tame version, with insurance advertisers using pretty, but not scantily-clad women to advertise their service.

Used auto magazines are a good source of information and listings when you are in the market for a used vehicle. While their popularity has dipped as online car listings have exploded over the past decade, they still have a die hard following especially among serious car enthusiasts. These magazines make it easy to browse for a new car without being tied to a computer, and if one peaks your interest you can always get online and check out full details and often times, more photos.

When buying a used car there are a number of resources you can use, and while the Internet has become the dominant medium for car advertisements, there is a still a need and market for used auto magazines. They make browsing easy and simplify searching for specific cars. The next time you are in the market for a used car give a used car magazine a try.

After WWII, cars became lifestyle products and stood for individual fulfillment and personal liberty. Reconstruction and redevelopment were central values in post-war societies, where people mainly worked on improving the economy and their personal mobility. In West Germany, the VW Beetle, the BMW Isetta and the Citroën 2CV were the first affordable models for the middle class, moreover upper class models like the Mercedes-Benz SL started their worldwide success story. At the same time, British manufacturers built classic legends like the Aston Martin DB5, the Austin-Healey 3000 and the Triumph TR3. A rare treasure from that period is the Jaguar XK 120, a powerful and elegantly designed roadster. American muscle cars from the 1960's like the Cadillac DeVille came to fame due to their striking tail fins. A popular car model and an eternal symbol for the hippie-lifestyle is the VW T1 Bus, also called "Bulli" in Europe. The Citroën DS (named "The Goddess" by collectors) is a French model which was very popular in its days and is still asked today.

Atlanta-based, created in 1997, is the Internet's ultimate automotive marketplace and consumer information website. aggregates in a single location millions of new cars, used cars and certified pre-owned cars from thousands of auto dealers and private sellers and is a leading online resource for auto dealers, individuals and manufacturers to advertise and market their vehicles to in-market shoppers. The company also provides a robust suite of software tools for dealers and manufacturers to help them manage and market their vehicle inventory and display advertising on the Internet. continues to grow key business metrics, including revenue, profitability and site traffic. Today, attracts more than 15 million unique monthly visitors who utilize the site to review descriptions, photos and videos of vehicles for sale; research and compare vehicles; review pricing and specials; and read auto-related content like buying and selling tips and editorial coverage of major auto shows and automotive trends. operates two other auto marketing brands, and also owns used vehicle management software company vAuto, Kelley Blue Book (, HomeNet Automotive, a leading provider of online inventory management and merchandising solutions for the automotive retail industry and VinSolutions, a leading provider of end-to-end solution platforms for dealers. is a majority-owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. Providence Equity Partners is a 25 percent owner of the company and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers is also an investor. For more information, please visit

Sheis the recipient of national and state journalism awards in topics thatinclude short feature writing, investigative journalism, spot news reporting, magazine writing, blogging, web journalism, column writing, and background/interpretive reporting. McBride, a senior journalism lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, has taughtjournalism courses since 2000.

Her journalistic and opinion work has also appeared in broadcast, newspaper, magazine, and online formats,including, Milwaukee Magazine, Wisconsin Public Radio, El Conquistador Latino newspaper, Investigation Discovery Channel, History Channel, WMCS 1290 AM, WTMJ 620 AM, and She is the recipient of the 2008 UWM Alumni Foundation teaching excellence award for academic staff for her work in media diversity and innovative media formats and is the co-founder of Media, the UWM journalismdepartment's award-winning online news site. McBride comes from a long-time Milwaukee journalism family. Her grandparents, Raymond and Marian McBride, were reporters for the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel.

Within Trader Media, as well as Auto Trader magazine, its publications include Bike Trader, Truck Trader and Top Marques. The website is reckoned to be one of the 20 most popular sites in the UK. 041b061a72

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