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Jezovski Atoms Of Utopia

LYRICS:Verse 1:Savage idiots, barbarians They get the feeling of success, lacking intelligence ignorant Aryans exhibit arrogancethey're burning scriptures, reminding of pharaohsit's like a sick joke, hysteriaterror spread all around the Holy Areasapparently, the Israely soldiers find it hilariousCaptain America's kept in dark cuz of mediaSkeptical to believe the amateur videosSkipping evidence, buying that phony Kony hoaxObama hopes/ bombing folks, civiliansOh God, If I could only talk to millionsI would let my heart speak to the silly onesI wonder if peace is achievable cuzEvil people seek the ways to deceive us all Get away with murders, unbelievable!Hook:I quietly breath atoms of utopiaThis is fictitious breathDon't wake me up I have a phobiaAlthough I'm close to deathI go through channels of insanityThey think I'm mentally illHow come I don't use profanityAnd drink two cups of tea and chill?!Verse 2: I see a suicide killerRunning around the blockwith a 9 milliFaking pregnancy using a huge pillowMurdering every soul she seesIt's like she had some mad diseaseYelling God is great, I don't get what she means"my husband, my children" she screamsShe'd like to live in heaven with shaheedsExploded herself/ Oh God, no, pleaseShe thought she sacrificed at lastthinking about the paradise. alasNo religion deems it as a noble deedI was supposed to see my sisterAmidst the dust and blood, I found her bodyI bit my fist, could do nothing about it Witnessing my Muslim sister dying Because of the twisted terrorist out of her mindHookVerse 3:and those who read/ will always see Goliaththe naked king, the heist, the plot, the lierI spit saliva at the false Messiahconnect the dots, align them, think outside the boxbetter look inside the books/ inspirethe doors are open, light the fireindulge yourself in holy riotespouse your nature, dispositionfix your vision, look thru the different prismdeclare war to egoismwe go listen to the call to leave this prisonand proceed to beg...and beg for His MercyHookVerse 4:Let's meet inside, deep insidethe lakes with the sweetest taste Leave this life, eat the sweetest leaves of lifeseed the semens, tree of lifefeed the fetus with the words of DeusLet the demons see us, envy usThey'll never get to feel this ambianceYou saw the pain/ you saw the rain of tearsovercame your fears/ cheers/, so Have a seat, take a sip of wineTake a second to rewindEvery single scene in time through your mindIt wasn't easy, was it?Can you see these roses?Can you see this beauty?Can it be disputed? huh?!?Screw your bucket list,corrupted system, every luck you missedCan you see now, brothers and sisters justice.... exists

Jezovski Atoms Of Utopia


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