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David Bell
David Bell

240x320 Touch Jar ApplicationS Photo Editor [BETTER]

Add some flavor to your Arduino project with this large colorful touch screen by DFRobot. This TFT Touch screen is a fantastic shield with big (2.8" diagonal) and 240x320 pixels with individual pixel control which could apply to Arduino and mbed. It also comes with micro SD slot and 4 MB flash so you could add it easily to your projects with this 2.8" TFT Touch screen.

240x320 touch jar applicationS photo editor

Do you want to make an excellent Profile picture and cover picture for Facebook? We will teach you. On mobile phones, the majority of modern people, so many different programs and applications. Among popular it is also among different photo editors that allow you to quickly and interesting change existing...

It contains basic and precise tools that provide multiple ways of retouching your images. Turn your photos into masterpiece using a wide variety of effects, filters, color and text tools, frames, enhancement features and...

A digital photo frame is a perfect way to showcase your favorite photos and memories. With a sleek and stylish design, this frame lets you easily scroll through your digital photography with the touch of a button.

An essential tool for photographers who are looking to speed up their editing process, this shortcut keyboard makes it easy to access all of your favorite photo-editing tools with the touch of a button. With an intuitive design and customizable settings, this keyboard is perfect for any photographer who wants to improve their workflow.

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