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Rise is also the first Monster Hunter game where monsters can get blights as well. Turning the tables like this can be a huge help in a tricky fight. Some blights work differently on monsters than on hunters. An experienced player should know the effects of every elemental blight and gauge the best ways to cure them or how to take advantage.


Elemental blights are a type of negative status effect. They can be afflicted by a monster's elemental attacks, like Rathian's fireballs or Zinogre's lightning. Blights are distinct from other status effects in the game, like Poison or Sleep. Items that cure blights won't help with other status effects, and vice versa. Blights of different elements do stack, so you can have multiple elemental blights acting on you at one time.

Fireblight is the most common elemental blight. It works similarly to the Poison status effect, gradually taking health as the hunter burns. Depending on where you are, this can be the easiest blight to remove. Normally you will have to evade multiple times to clear Fireblight. If you are standing on watery terrain, it only requires you to evade once.

Monsters with Thunderblight get stunned easier. Not only that, they can get stunned by attacks from any weapon. It even applies to attacks that don't hit the monster's head. The stun status will build up from any attack, but can only be triggered by a hit to the head. A stunned monster will get knocked down for a good amount of time.

Dragonblight is a rare blight, reserved for a few monsters (mostly elder dragons), and it removes any elemental damage or status buildup on your weapon. If your weapon is only raw damage this isn't an issue, but if you're leaning into an elemental build, Dragonblight can reduce your damage output drastically. Monsters cannot get Dragonblight. 041b061a72


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