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Telestream Wirecast Pro 6.0.8

System Info: OSX 10.10.5 (MacPro6,1) - Wirecast 6.0.8, AJA Drivers 12.4.1 (at the time, now 12.3.8) Setup: AJA io4k with 1 HDMI (1080p30) source and 2 SDI (1080p30) input sources. Occasional HDMI output (1080p30) for high quality recording output from WC. Embedded HDMI Audio on Ch. 1&2. AJA Multi-Channel Config is being used.

Telestream Wirecast Pro 6.0.8


Wow, I really wish I would have found this thread sooner. Just spent two days in our Federal Control Booth debugging the audio noise in my AJA io 4K device. After troubleshooting our entire auditorium wiring and Crestron routing and rolling back WC versions from 6.0.8 to 6.0.7 and even trying a 7.0.1 trial on our Mac Pro Tower, I finally started rolling back AJA drivers from 12.4.1 to 12.4.0 and back to 12.3.8. The 12.3.8 brought back crystal clear audio once again and I will be staying with those drivers until things are resolved once and for all.

Hello All, Just randomly decided to try out the 12.4.2 Mac drivers for my AJA io4k and am actually receiving clean audio at the moment on my 6.0.8 WC version without the original rattling/buzzing sound that caused me to contribute to this thread initially. Before now, I have been using 12.3.8 for the last several months waiting for a fix. The strange thing is that before I updated to 12.4.2, I emailed AJA Support today to see if 12.4.2 would officially address the original rattling/buzzing that was tied to case number (D-5379). They said that "There was no resolution as of yet." Soooo, not sure if the issue is "officially" fixed but 12.4.2 seems to have at least addressed my original audio problems for the time being. Can anyone else confirm?

SAD FACE....It seems like after some restarts of both my machine and Wirecast 6.0.8....the rattling/buzzing sound has come back with the AJA 12.4.2 Mac Drivers. I was initially optimistic but sadly must wait until 12.4.3 or whatever the next release is to potentially resolve this. I sent AJA Support a follow up email as well. Still anxiously awaiting a fix with fingers crossed. PS. Rolling back to 12.3.8 restored my clean audio once again.

CraigSmoderator - I am currently using the 12.3.8 AJA drivers successfully with my Io 4k and WC 6.0.8 setup as mentioned above but did have a quick question about the AJA output. I am testing the Wirecast Pro Video Out with my AJA Io 4k and going HDMI out from the AJA to the HDMI input on my Video Devices Pix-e7 recorder for a high quality ProRes backup to my Wirecast recording. Everything is working fine but I am starting to notice some audio sync issues for longer recordings on the Pix-e7 device. Is the Wirecast 6.0.8 Pro Video Output signal still variable frame rate or is it fixed frame rate? Obviously, I would prefer to not have to re-encode and to get a fixed frame rate on the Pro Video Output. Many many thanks!

Macbook Pro Retina Intel Core i7 10.10.5 Wirecast 6.0.8 input sources: sony FS5 4k video cam/SDI cable/Black Magic Ultra studio Mini recorder/thunderbolt?macbook pro (mid 2012) camera settings 30fps, 16;9 interlace 1080p broadcasting to Facebook and Streaming Media Servier Wirecast preference settings: Use checkerboard shot Editor feedback Detection 3 reconnect attempts 30 fps Live icons on Live icons 2 fps Use High Quality Video render using YUV colorspace on the GPU canvass size 16;9 Streamed via hardwire, upload speed 28 mbps and wireless 28 mbps

Hi, Im having the same problem. I cannot hear the monitored audio in wirecast. I downloaded the trial version yesterday (version 7.0.1). I see audio levels, and when i stream to youtube I can hear audio in the stream, but can't hear it in wirecast. I'm using headphones directly into my mac laptop sound card. I have the audio output settings correct in the system preferences. This is baffling to me as I am a high level audio engineer and can't seem to figure out the issue. Any help is much appreciated!

My issue was resolved when I upgraded and purchased wirecast. After purchase and input of my purchase key, it worked. Maybe it's a trick they use in efforts to convince to purchase the pro version. Although it might just be a glitch. 350c69d7ab


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