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3 Mr Tikdambaaz Tamil Movie Download

3 Mr Tikdambaaz Tamil Movie Download - A Review of the Bollywood Comedy Film

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining Bollywood comedy film, you might want to check out 3 Mr Tikdambaaz. This movie is a remake of the 2012 Tamil film 3, which starred Dhanush and Shruti Haasan in the lead roles. The Hindi version features Vinay Pathak, Rajpal Yadav and Sanjay Mishra as the three protagonists who get into hilarious situations due to their love for gambling. The movie is directed by Rakesh Mehta and produced by Ramesh Sippy.

The plot of 3 Mr Tikdambaaz revolves around three friends who are addicted to gambling and often lose their money to a local don named Bhaiji (Gulshan Grover). They decide to take revenge on him by stealing his money and running away. However, they end up in more trouble when they encounter a mysterious woman named Maya (Neha Dhupia) who has a connection with Bhaiji. The movie is filled with comedy, action, romance and suspense as the three friends try to escape from Bhaiji's wrath and win Maya's heart.

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The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike. Some have praised the movie for its humor, performances and music, while others have criticized it for its lack of originality, logic and coherence. The movie has also been compared to the original Tamil version, which was a critically acclaimed drama that dealt with the theme of bipolar disorder. The Hindi remake has changed the genre and tone of the movie completely, making it a light-hearted comedy instead of a serious psychological thriller.

If you are interested in watching 3 Mr Tikdambaaz, you can download it from various online platforms. However, we advise you to watch it legally and avoid piracy. Piracy is a crime that harms the film industry and the artists who work hard to create quality content. You can watch 3 Mr Tikdambaaz on Eros Now with Prime Video Channels or on other streaming services that have the rights to show the movie.

3 Mr Tikdambaaz is a movie that can make you laugh and enjoy with your friends and family. It is not meant to be taken seriously or compared to the original Tamil version. It is a simple and fun Bollywood comedy that can entertain you for a couple of hours. If you are looking for a movie that can make you forget your worries and have a good time, you can give 3 Mr Tikdambaaz a try.


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