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Buy Thorogood Boots

Thorogood boots are tough, durable, and provide support throughout the day to help you get the job done. Whether you're pounding pavement, raising the roof, on the hunt, or at the jobsite, we build boots to give our customers the firm footing they need to get you through the day. Because "good enough" is never good enough. Since 1892, we've been pouring our soul into every sole, proving our worth with every welt, furthering our legacy with every lace.

buy thorogood boots

Thorogood uses oil-tanned full grain aniline leather for their boots. The leather goes through a vegetable tanning and tumbling process, and then is packed with oils, which means the resulting leather is soft, pliable, and requires very little care. Thorogood leather develops a nice patina over the years and will develop unique creases that shape to your foot.

Yes, Thorogood Moc Toe boots are comfortable. They fit a bit snug in the sides, so order your regular sneaker or dress shoe size to get the most comfortable fit. Otherwise, the leather is very supple and the Poron insole makes for a cushy experience.

Moc toe boots are great for working conditions. The construction offers more structure around the toe, thus making them a safe choice for warehouse pickers, construction workers, and any other sort of manual labor.

Red Wing also has a cork midsole and leather insole, both of which mold around your feet the longer you wear them. This is a really old fashioned way of making heritage boots and it means they become more comfy as the months and years pass.

Red Wing is a shoe that I would recommend if you are less interested in what works best for electrician work and more interested in what looks stylish, ages well, and pays homage to the traditional ways of constructing boots.

Whether you want a casual pair of boots to wear on weekends or you need a pair of Thorogood duty boots for a public safety career, you should be able to find what you need among eBay's great selection of Thorogood boots for men. With a nice variety of colors, features, and conditions, you can buy a pair of boots for almost any application. Keep reading to learn everything you should know when shopping on eBay for affordable men's Thorogood boots.

When you are shopping for men's new or used Thorogood boots, you want to make sure you are buying the right pair for what you need. Following these steps may help you find a pair that does what you need.

Establish what size foot you have. The most accurate way to do this is to actually measure your foot and then compare it to sizing charts. If you already own a pair of men's Thorogood boots, you can use their size as a rough guideline. Just keep in mind that sizing can vary between models of the same brand.

Now, it can be a good idea to list the features that you really want your boots to have. Think about things like boot height, overall weight, and whether you prefer speed lace holes. Waterproof boots can be useful if you spend a lot of time where your feet may get wet.

Also, there are some boots, like the Weinbrenner Service boots, that were produced many years ago that are still fashionable and perfectly functional now. If you are shopping for a pair of those, you will almost certainly need to look for a used pair.

Iconic American success stories are awesome and the story of Albert Weinbrenner, son of a German immigrant and cobbler, holds true to form. Albert began his apprenticeship at age 13 working for his father. By his early 20s, in his spare time, Albert was designing work boots specifically for the trade jobs his friends had around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. In 1892, at the age of 27, Albert started his own cobbler business with partner Joseph Pfeifer.

i just go a pair of Thorogood Trail Crazyhorse boots. they have the waxy/oily film on them and feel almost like nubuk leather but i dont think they are as because the nap is not as long. my question is, should i use oil or wax on them? which one is better?

Oil on the Crazy Horse works best. However, they will darken quite a bit and lighten again in a few days. Loves these boots! My most comfortable ones yet and easily beat out my Red a Wing (twice the price) Iron Rangers for wearability.

It's important to have the right work boots when working in industrial settings; safety, durability, and comfort are all important. Since good work boots are not cheap, we compiled a list of the top 13 brands of work boots that employees swear by, and also why they like 'em.

Over 100 men and women provided input about their preferred brand(s) and their top choice by far, was Thorogood boots with Red Wing coming in as a close second. See the list below, with links to each brands' website for easy browsing if you're in the market for a new pair.

Thorogood. Best work boots I've ever had. Low break-in period, great leather and soles, after a year, most comfortable footwear I own...besides my brooks. Made in America, priced very competitively. Sadly, won't go back to Red Wings, removed all their industrial boots, 70% manufacturing and materials sourced overseas, and about 30-40% higher cost than Thorogood.

With any boot, it's how well you take care of them. I use saddle soaps and mink oil to condition my boots about once a month. You can also paint over the steel toe with a Kevlar coating from Red Wing that will keep the leather from wearing out. The paint mix is sold in boot shops for around $15 to $20. I've had boots wear out from the inside, but never had a pair wear out from the outside yet. Red Wing Irish Setters are the most comfortable breaking in but they are heavy. Filson boots have cork insoles and are by far the best boots for your feet and back, however, they will cost you around $300.

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to traditional stee ltoe work boots vs. new age composite toes I was quite skeptical. In the military we had always worn steel toes, there was no other option; though when I started my internship working at an aerospace engineering company I decided to try the composite toes. I picked out a pair of ariat boots from a local supplier and I was happily surprised with the results! The wider toe box gave my feet more "wiggle room" and the boots were lighter and more comfortable than some of the steel toe boots I'd tried on.

I spent $300+ on a pair of high end Danner boots and they didn't loo any better than a $150 pair of Ariats did after a year. I will never spend that kind of money on Danner boots again. I wish Red Wing made a steel toe in their "Heritage" line (the line with the replaceable good year weld sole). Unfortunately, they keep them more of a "dress" line. I have tried the Red Wing steel toe once and they just wrecked my feet. I have a pair from the Red Wing heritage line that are great though -- non steel toe unfortunately.

Justin boots never fail to surprise me with great quality for a reasonable price. I go through work boots a lot because I work with corrosive fluids so I've had a chance to order several different models.

"Timberland PRO boots are ready for the job site and long, hard days. Work boots for men are our specialty, and we design rugged, waterproof, insulated work boots that are always up for the job."

Thorogood boots are generally true to size, but there can be slight variations. Different types of boots are designed with specific purposes in mind, so the question of how should boots fit will depend on that purpose.

Some will be higher and laced tighter to offer better protection for your ankles, while some will have reinforced toes for extra safety. Additionally, Thorogood boots come in three widths, so you can choose what suits you best.

The best way to check how work boots fit is, of course, to try them on. However, the printable Thorogood sizing chart is a good way to check the fit if you are unable to try them on in person. Print out the sizing chart and try out if their sizes fit your standard.

Thorogood lace-up boots are generally true to size. The length should not be a problem, and you can choose from the different widths; additionally, you can adjust the fit with how tight you lace them up.

Boots with a safety toe generally run about half a size larger, and this applies to Thorogood boots sizing as well. This is by design, as the toe cap is tough in order to protect your toe, but can also make for a tight fit, as it is not flexible.

Make sure to try these boots with the socks you will be wearing. Additionally, take care that your toes are not too far back, as in such cases they will not offer you adequate protection, which is the entire purpose of the boot.

Before we explain how Thorogood boots sizing is done for specific models, we should talk a bit about the different model types that Thorogood produces. Since Thorogood has a history spanning more than a hundred and fifty years, they have made a large number of different models, but they can generally be classified into four different types, most of them being work boots.

The aim of Thorogood military boots is for them to be strong and durable. They provide safety and comfort for your feet, regardless of the situation you are in, as the designers anticipate you will wear them in the toughest situations. You can choose from a variety of waterproof options.

These types of boots are not only comfortable and durable, but they are also appropriate to wear to work, and go well with any uniform. Their design will help you deal with moisture and the build-up of bacteria, as well as prevent fatigue.

Thorogood expects you to stay on your feet for large stretches of time, and designed their boots with that in mind. The work boots you can purchase will not only keep your feet safe, but they will also allow you to feel comfortable throughout the day, regardless of the weather. You can get waterproofed and insulated variants, as well as boots with toe protection.

Designed with an adventurous person in mind, Thorogood outdoor and hiking boots are an excellent choice for hiking, hunting, mountaineering, walking, or camping. They will keep you comfortable and safe, all the while being modern and stylish. 041b061a72


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