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Operation Flashpoint Resistance Addons Download _HOT_

The story takes place in 1982, three years before the events of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis. The player takes on the role of an ex-special operations soldier, Victor Troska, who joins and comes to lead a resistance movement fighting against the Soviet Army, which has invaded his country.

Operation Flashpoint Resistance Addons Download

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In 1982, Victor "Viking Viki" Troska (voiced by Stephen Critchlow), is an ex-special operations soldier who has returned to his homeland of Nogova after years in exile serving with British special forces. Nogova is a small and quaint island nation whose coalition government has recently collapsed. The island is then invaded by the Soviet Union after some members of the Nogovan Communist Party betray the country and invite Soviet forces to overthrow the government and install a socialist puppet regime. Troska is approached by Nogovans who are resisting the Soviet occupation and asked to join them. Initially, Troska refuses to have any part in the fighting and rebukes them because he wants to put combat behind him and also he believes that any resistance will be futile and the inexperience of the partisans will get them killed. Later, a wounded guerrilla fighter being pursued by Soviet soldiers takes refuge in Troska's shed. When Soviet soldiers, led by Colonel Guba, arrive and threaten to shoot Troska and his friends if they do not co-operate, Troska is forced to make a decision: betraying the partisan, trying to negotiate with the Soviets or fighting off the Soviet soldiers and joining the resistance.

I know you will not authorize my post, but no problem, I will put your server on several forums, to say that it is a fake server with paid games. I downloaded a very old game here Operation flash point: resistance and I had to sign some things to get the damn password that never existed, I know this is just a way for you to win over the people who enter this stolen, you motherfucker.


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