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What Hacking With The Hannah Kit Looks Like...1...

MOSLEY: Yes. I absolutely can. So here's how cryptocurrency works. If you like vibes, and you would like to purchase vibes, if you would just like to purchase, like, energy and, like, a feeling - like, if you want to purchase a stiff breeze, you know, that's what you're purchasing with crypto. It's just imaginary. We're all buying it, and we're all saying it's worth something. It's our own little scam, and we love it. Also, if you don't like the environment, blockchain are very big computers that take a lot of energy up to basically print out a CVS receipt of your Ponzi scheme.

What hacking with the Hannah Kit looks like...1...

SAGAL: Right. But what's amazing about it is you come out - and I don't want to either give it away or try to do it justice with the description - but you play a sultry jazz background and talk about your life in this kind of sultry way. It's like very like not what anybody would expect from, like, a comic they've never met before. Right?

I have been looking for a homemade remedy for cleaning silver. Your method looks like agreat idea. I have some silver plated flatware and would like to know if I can clean it withyour recipe.

Amazing and had instant results on a silver New Years salt and pepper shaker that looks like an ice bucket with champagne bottle in it. Its gorgeous once again!! Thank you and Happy New Year!!Joyce

I discovered a silver cleaning miracle my son had turn his necklace black in a hot tub and nothing including your tip worked so I was looking for an old toothbrush under the sink and found a magic eraser and thought hmmm what do I have to lose I wish I took pictures because now his necklace looks brand new again

I had $1450.00 taken out by zelle? without my knowledge, I actually dont know what Zelle is!! The bank said to bad so sad so I am moving to another bank a posting this all over our facebooks so others are aware of what can happen!!This was a brand new account!!!!

Bob, I too was scammed. Please tell me what I can do. So far I have reported the scam to the FBI, the DPUC and the Federal Trade Commission. Citizens Bank has refused to reimburse me. Here is my story.On Tuesday September 15, 2020, I received a phone call from a Mr. Mark Thompson who identified himself as an employee of Eversource. Mr. Thompson informed me that my Eversource bill was overdue and unless I paid my overdue balance within 30 minutes, my electricity would be disconnected. This individual knew the exact amount I owed on my Eversource bill. As a remote worker for a prestigious Research & Development organization, I certainly could not afford to have this done. Initially Mr. Thompson asked that I make this payment using the Cash App. The amount owed on my bill was $415.74 but he told me there was a finance charge to avoid shut-off so the payment would be $498.10. I had difficulty processing this payment using this application as the transaction failed 4 times. I was then transferred to a Mr. Robert Mendez who asked me if I had access to the Zelle App. I was not aware of what this application was and he stated that it is an App that some banks provide to their customers through online banking to pay bills. When he learned that my account was with Citizens Bank he said that Citizens Bank does offer Zelle to its customers. He then told me to log into my online banking account to process this payment using the Zelle App. The first transaction was processed in the amount of $498.10 but it showed up as a failed transaction. The second time he had me make a payment for $415.74 as he was only charging me what was actually due on my bill because the transaction was taking so long. Once completed, the transaction showed as pending. He told me to call him back the next day to ensure the payment went through. The next day, September 16th, I called Mr. Robert Mendez back. At that time, I alerted him that both payments were processed through Zelle. He then said he would reimburse me for $498.10 twice but that the reimbursements had to be done individually. He walked me through the process to be reimbursed for 2 payments of $498.10. Both were listed as pending. Robert told me to call him back the next day to ensure the transactions went through. The next day, September 17th, I realized that all 4 payments through Zelle went through and that the reimbursement was not a reimbursement at all but additional payments. Additionally, I also realized that 1 payment using the Cash App went through as well in the amount of $498.10. Immediately, I felt sick to my stomach and realized I had been scammed by Mr. Mark Thompson and Mr. Robert Mendez. I called Citizens Bank that day to inform them of what happened and an investigation was initiated. A few days later, I received a letter from Karen, an employee of Citizens Bank who works in the Electronic Banking Operations Department. The letter stated that Citizens Bank would not be reimbursing me for $1910.04 because they were transactions I had authorized. I called the bank immediately to speak to Karen about this but I could not reach her. Instead I spoke to an employee by the name of Devon Kite. He told me there was nothing further that could be done. Clearly, I was outraged. I feel stupid that I was fooled by these scam artists and I feel betrayed by Citizens Bank.

Hello I was scammed yesterday (11/10/2020) buying a Maine Coon kitten online. Attached is what I sent to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. I have also made a dispute with my bank Chase (who endorses Zelle), and with Zelle.

How can we group together to sue! I was scammed and tried to stop payment or dispute to get my money back and they just laugh and say only use Zelle with family!!! This is BS scammers are good at what they do and we should be able to have protection from them!

Bob McMillan: When Erez arrived at the Dutch jail where Dmitry was being held, he went to the interrogation room, a room with bare walls and a table in the middle. Erez had been chasing Dmitry for more than three years after the Heartland hack. Now it was finally time to meet him. Dmitry was escorted from his cell to the interrogation room, but on the way, he got a surprise, Vladimir Drinkman. His best friend and hacking partner, who he'd tried to warn, hadn't escaped either. They were in jail together.

Dmitry Smilyanets: I thought he's going to eat me alive. I mean, when he looks at you, when you meet Erez first time, he doesn't know you. You don't know that he can smile. He'll look at you, and eat you with this eyes.

Erez Liebermann: And I remember that ultimately he sat there and there was a pause and he said, "Okay." And started talking a little bit and saying, "Yes, I understand what you guys are charging me with. I'm the person in there."

Bob McMillan: Drinkman didn't want to do a recorded interview for this podcast, but this is what he told me. He said that he and Dmitry had a pact of silence and he didn't find out that Dmitry had broken that pact until months later. And it happened years ago, but Drinkman still wanted to talk about that photo Dmitry had posted in front of the I amsterdam sign. He said it was idiotic.During our call he seemed angry at Dmitry, because after Drinkman and Dmitry saw each other in the jail in the Netherlands, their lives took very different turns. Drinkman decided to fight the charges, and stayed in the Netherlands fighting extradition for four years. And he lost his case. He pleaded guilty to hacking charges and is now serving his sentence in a prison in Pennsylvania.

Dmitry Smilyanets: I know that he hates me and there is a reason I made that picture. We all got busted because of my stupidity. We speak. He told me that he may never forgive me for what I did. He understands. He only is mad at me because I did it alone. He told me I should have told him and brought him with me to the States sooner.

Dmitry Smilyanets: I would stay on the side of the US government. I don't have to look behind my shoulder. I'm not scared that I will be arrested for doing something wrong. I live according to the law, I pay taxes, and I help to make this world a safer place. So I'm very happy with what I'm doing right now. It's very similar. I'm hanging out around the same guys, but intent is completely different. And that's what matters, intent

Take your audience shopping with you and show them what you picked from your latest shopping spree like Amber Scholl does in this video. You can also list your favourite products and make a best-buys video (luxury + drugstore).

Make a video showing your audience what is in your closet or makeup kit. You can also create outfits and accessories from everyday things or showcase how they can pair different outfits and create popular looks, like this really cool video by JENerationDIY. You can also talk about how to dress and style a single outfit in different ways, like this video.

Take your audience through your workout routine or you can even vlog your entire day so they can see what you eat (like in this health vlog) and how your day looks like. Another great idea would be to debunk celebrity workout routines and try them for your audience. You can also create workout guides for your audience to follow every day.

Show your audience what a day in your life looks like and take them through your work routine, like in this video by Jeffrey Chang. You can also do a video where you showcase your equipment and setup, and you can also take your audience behind the scenes when you are recording a performance.

Everything is going online, so why not your real estate business? Walk your audience through your latest property with a listing video and give them important details about it. It is a great way to reach interested buyers. You could also create neighbourhood videos to give your audience more information about the community, what facilities are available around the property, and talk about other unique features.

This section is more geared towards individual creators who are looking to put their work out. For brands and businesses, a better approach would be to start with question 2 since your content will need to be primarily centered around who you are catering to and what they are looking for. 041b061a72


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