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AIR Creative FX 102 Mixing And Mastering FX ((TOP))

Included are some extra goodies to help out any podcaster, guitarist, or producer. This exclusive and diverse collection delivers everything you need for creative production, mixing and mastering, including reverbs, equalizers, delays, filters and so much more.

AIR Creative FX 102 Mixing and Mastering FX

AIR FX has been helping the game developers, film makers as well as musicians for last ten years. Every pluginhas been designed expertly keeping in mine the ease of use. This imposing collection of plugins includes everything that you requrie for creativity, mixing and mastering , compressors, equalizers, filters and many more. AIR Music Technology Creative FX Collection Plus VST includes AIR Chorus which will let you apply small delay to add the depth as well as space to the audio signals. It also includes AIR Flanger which will let you apply a short delay in the beep. You can also download AIR Music Technology Ignite 2016.

The way I like to approach compression is by applying little amounts to massage the sound, preparing it for more compression during the mastering stage, dialling it in a bit more when dealing with inconsistent and/or organic audio sources (like recorded sounds).

Combine this with something like the YouLean Loudness Meter to get all of the necessary measurements when mastering, like LUFS. That way, you can compare your track to the measurements of other tracks.

MixBox packs over 70* award-winning mixing processors and creative effects derived from T-RackS, AmpliTube and SampleTank into a convenient 500-series style plug-in. Create, compare and save your own custom channel strips or multiFX chains, or choose from over 600* presets to give your creativity a kickstart. Whether in your favorite DAW or stand-alone, MixBox combines a massive range of effects and powerful workflow to supercharge your mixes.

MixBox includes ultra-precise digital models of some of the most iconic mixing gear in history like the LA2A, 1176, 1073 EQs, 4000-series channel strips, plus creative models like amplifier distortion and even tape saturation.

There are many people love music but lack the drive, know-how or desire to create it, so they turn to engineering. Some simply prefer mixing and mastering to making music. Many do both.

One of the best ways to learn about important mixing/mastering topics such as compression, equalization and gain staging is through the practical application of these concepts to real-world songs.

Adding an instance of Saturator (see 24.37) after Channel EQ in a device chain allows you to simulate the analog nonlinearities of a mixer channel strip. In such cases, boosting the low end considerably would also lead to increased distortion, similar to the behavior of analog mixing desks.

Width sets the stereo width of the wet signal, which in turn adjusts the chorus level balance between the mid and side channels. At 0% the signal will be mono, at 100% the balance is equal, and at 200% the chorus level is twice as loud in the sides as in the middle. This is used for maintaining the level of the effect across the stereo field, which can be helpful during mixing.

A convolution reverb uses recordings of actual spaces (called impulse responses) to create its effect. This allows you to place your sounds in practically any space for which you have a recording. For a more typical reverb sound, this can include some of the most famous halls and studios throughout the world. With a more creative approach, you can use recordings of anything, from snare drums to garbage cans, or even instrumental and vocal recordings!

The Limiter effect is a mastering-quality dynamic range processor that ensures that the output does not exceed a specified level. Limiter is ideal for use in the Master track, to prevent clipping. A limiter is essentially a compressor with an infinite ratio. (For more information about compression theory, see the manual entry for the Compressor device (see 24.5).)

The Multiband Dynamics device is a flexible tool for modifying the dynamic range of audio material. Designed primarily as a mastering processor, Multiband Dynamics allows for upward and downward compression and expansion of up to three independent frequency bands, with adjustable crossover points and envelope controls for each band. Each frequency range has both an upper and lower threshold, allowing for two types of dynamics processing to be used simultaneously per band.

Safe Bass is a high-pass filter, effectively reducing the effect on signal components below the specified frequency. The applicable range is from 5 Hz to 3000 Hz. This can make mixing certain bass-heavy material easier.

In SONAR 2017.09 we have added a dedicated button for duplicating tracks to make the tracking and mixing workflow even faster. Speaking of workflow, we have been working with Microsoft on support for the new Surface Dial. This is a perfect device for people who want the feel of a control surface without the wires. It's great on the go and requires no setup to have control Surface like support, so you can keep focused on your music.

Duplicating a track is a widely used technique for mixing to create thick vocals when you add compression and chorus to the double. It is also very handy during recording when you are creating different parts using the same instrument or audio setup. In SONAR 2017.09 update we have added a dedicated button for this in the Track view to make it even faster. So you can focus on the music you are making instead of how you are getting there. To set how you want the button to behave you can right-click on the Duplicate button and pick the settings you prefer.

SONAR 2016.04 brings three exciting new plug-ins to SONAR including the new linear-phase mastering-quality plug-ins for multiband compression and EQ. Built from the ground up, the latest versions are a new design with superior performance, more options, and a more informative user interface. Guitarists (and bassists) can look forward to Overloud TH3 Cakewalk Edition, which is available in all versions of SONAR. It features more refined and detailed algorithms, improved cabinet IR responses, and a classic bass amp emulation. In addition, there are new fixes and enhancements to the core program.

Get more out of your DAW this holiday season with 5 brand new Style Dials that are sure to make those complex workflows much easier. Pick from Smoother, Gater, Depth, Pulse, or Shaper for the easiest set of effects ever released in SONAR. One knob and a single turn gets you mixing faster, better and more efficiently. Grab them today in SONAR Platinum, SONAR Professional and SONAR Artist.

Make your life easier with Aux Tracks in SONAR Platinum and Professional. As an added bonus to our Patch Point implementation, SONAR introduces a new type of track for submixing, summing, and controlling many tracks at once.

Get more out of SONAR's Start Screen with six brand new Mastering Templates that master your mix in seconds. Just pick a template and drop in your mix - the newly fashioned Mastering FX Chains are already inserted on your Master for the most streamlined mastering process you have ever experienced in SONAR.

Mix faster and better with the brand new Mixing Templates now available within the SONAR Start Screen. Pick from three different genres, drop in your stems, and get mixing. These new Templates cover nearly every type of modern instrument from drum loop processing to advanced vocal mixing effects.

These plug-and-play FX chains let you drag a produced, ready-to-go guitar sound right into your project when a creative impulse hits. There are two basic pedalboard types (Clean and Crunchy), with four presets drawn from each type.

Pro engineers have their own favorite tricks for mixing and tracking. The Panipulator brings that control right into your ProChannel with specialized sum, flip, dim, and polarity controls for SONAR Platinum and Professional. Grab it now in SONAR "Cambridge", and complete your ProChannel experience with this extremely useful utility from Boz Digital Labs.

MPC Beats includes a premium collection of world-class mixing and mastering plugins. Powerful insert effects like Half Speed, Mother Ducker, and AIR Talk Box add instant vibe and character to your tracks to quickly achieve modern sound and feel. Process audio, dial-up creative effects, and finalize your tracks to commercially ready songs for sharing anywhere.

Reason+ is a creative bundle for music making that includes the Reason DAW and the Reason Rack Plugin which can be used in any DAW (VST3/AU/AAX). Jam-packed with over 80 devices, Reason+ covers everything from creativesynthesizers, samplers, drum machines and audio effects. This subscription service comes pre-baked with 39,000 presets along with 24GB of samples plus, new plugin and sound content added regularly.

The logic of sentence and paragraph structure in the context of media writing, with an emphasis on grammar, punctuation, word choice, conciseness and accuracy. This online course is required for news media, creative media and advertising/public relations majors.

This course introduces students to the theories, concepts and techniques of professional video production and post-production, as well as the fundamentals, history and evolution of the visual language of the moving image. Topics include camera operation and technique, lighting design, sound recording, video editing, story development, and the ethical principles behind producing digital media. In this hands-on course, students will produce short video projects that emphasize visual storytelling, technical proficiency and creative authorship, while learning to critique their own and their peers work with a critical eye.

This course focuses on voice, music, and sound effects, and the impact they have on the visual image. It addresses the principles of recording sound and explains sound characteristics, basic acoustics, ergonomics, and proper audio recording techniques for field and studio recording, as well as time code and mixing.


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