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American Ninja 3 3 Full Movie Download 720p Hd

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt - A Review

American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt is a 1989 action drama film directed by Cedric Sundstrom and starring David Bradley, Steve James, and Marjoe Gortner. It is the third installment in the American Ninja franchise, following American Ninja (1985) and American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987). The film was released on February 24, 1989 in the United States and on March 16, 1989 in the United Kingdom.

The plot of the film revolves around Jackson (James), a former American soldier and martial artist who teams up with Sean (Bradley), a karate champion, to stop a deadly terrorist known as The Cobra (Gortner), who has infected Sean with a virus that will kill him in a few days. The Cobra plans to use the virus as a weapon of mass destruction and unleash it on the world. Jackson and Sean must fight their way through The Cobra's army of ninjas and stop his evil scheme before it is too late.


The film received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences, who criticized the film's low budget, poor acting, weak script, and lack of originality. The film has a rating of 3.7 out of 10 on IMDb and a rating of 48% on JustWatch. The film was also a box office flop, grossing only $902,000 in the United States against a budget of $2.5 million.

Despite its poor reception, the film has gained a cult following among fans of martial arts and B-movies. Some fans enjoy the film for its cheesy dialogue, over-the-top action scenes, and nostalgic value. The film also features some impressive stunts and fight choreography, especially from Bradley and James, who performed most of their own stunts. The film also has a memorable soundtrack composed by George S. Clinton, who later scored the Mortal Kombat films.

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining action flick that does not take itself too seriously, you might want to check out American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt. You can watch the film online for free with ads on The Roku Channel, Tubi TV, Pluto TV, or Freevee. You can also rent or buy the film on Apple TV or Amazon Video. However, be warned that the film is rated R for violence and language, so it is not suitable for younger viewers.

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