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Make Successful Phishing Without Getting Catch By Web Hosting Sites

At the end of 2009, the Anti-Phishing Working Group reported that they received over 115K reported phishing emails from consumers in the 3rd quarter alone, with the US and China hosting more than 25% of the phishing sites each.

Make Successful Phishing Without Getting Catch by Web Hosting sites

The templates are designed to evade detection while successfully phishing for credentials, but may vary based on the individual purchasing party. Likewise, the wide variety of templates offered does not guarantee that all BulletProofLink facilitated campaigns will look identical. Instead, the campaigns themselves can be identified with a mixture of phishing page source code, combined with the PHP password processing sites referenced therein, as well as the hosting infrastructure used in their larger-scale campaigns. These password-processing domains correlate back to the operator through hosting, registration, email, and other metadata similarities during domain registration.

Google App Engine is a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service for developing and hosting web applications. App Engine allows you to serve SSL (HTTPS) traffic through your app