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David Bell
David Bell


Cotton terry cloth that's been yarn dyed with indigo. This raw indigo cotton hoodie will fade beautifully over time producing highs and lows of shade contrast for a worn in vintage look only achievable with rope dye methods. There will be minimal shrinkage as we pre laundered with a flash rinse to eliminate most of the post wash shrinkage. However, we still recommend to cold wash and air dry to minimize shrinkage. Our signature star is embroidered with an indigo thread that will fade as the hoodie ages. We are confident that the Glory Days hoodie is without a doubt the highest quality, American Made raw indigo zipper hoodie in any price category when it comes to build and caliber of components - bar none. After all, some things deserve to be made in America.

Indigo zip

The UES Zip Hoodie (Parka) in Indigo is a heavyweight fleece with a classic, no frills appearance. The indigo dye will result in a beautiful and unique hoodie as you wear it in, revealing highs and lows in the fading of the material.

It also contains indigo_deadlock_detector tool. In case the server stops responding it will help us to trace and fix the problem. Please see -astronomy/indigo_deadlock_detector/blob/master/ for information how to use it and how to provide us with the data.

Doll earn some serious style points in this jumpsuit. Featuring an indigo denim material with a zip-up design and belt detailing. Team with statement hoops, clear heels and a mini bag for the perfect brunch date look. 041b061a72


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