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What Cell Phone Carrier Will Buy Out Your Contract REPACK

Receive up to $504 promo credit ($180 w/Welcome Unlimited, $360 w/ 5G Start, or $504 w/5G Do More, 5G Play More, 5G Get More or One Unlimited for iPhone plan (Welcome Unlimited and One Unlimited for iPhone plans can't be mixed w/other Unlimited plans; all lines on the account req'd on respective plans)) when you add a new smartphone line with your own 4G/5G smartphone on an eligible postpaid plan between 2/10/23 and 4/5/23. Promo credit applied over 36 months; promo credits end if eligibility requirements are no longer met.

what cell phone carrier will buy out your contract

Most major carriers have eliminated the two-year contract for consumers, so early termination fees (ETF) are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Depending on when you got your last phone, however, you could still be subject to an ETF impacted by the length of time left on your service contract, any money owed on your device and any device promo terms left unfulfilled. The system automatically calculates the ETF based on the contract effective date and disconnect date, so the less time you have left on your contract, the lower your fee. Check with your current provider to confirm what fees you may owe before switching.

Research and compare apples to apples before you switch carriers. How much will each element, including data, hotspot coverage and added bundles for streaming and gaming cost? Will you have access to 5G network speeds? How much are overage charges, if any? Can you get the device you really want?

Carriers occasionally offer special promotions. Each month, for example, Verizon offers a range of switch deals for folks switching from other carriers like AT&T or T-Moble to Verizon. Other popular offers include cell phone discounts or extra money for a trade-in when you switch.

Also, look out for deals that could save you money on third party streaming and subscription services with cell phone plans. For example, Verizon offers plans that include services such as Hulu, Disney +, ESPN+, Apple Music, and Apple Arcade.

Switching carriers can be a great way to reduce the cost of your wireless bill and, with a move to Verizon, improve the quality of your service with 5G speeds, designed for streaming, gaming and more.

Only T-Mobile provides you with the lowest upfront cost on the latest devices with no annual service contract and no overages on an award-winning nationwide 4G LTE network. With our Magenta plans, we separate the cost of the device from the cost of your service. Bring your own eligible device and your monthly bill is even less! Now that's what we call better wireless. Learn more about the perks of joining T-Mobile.

Individuals and families (up to 5 lines) who are currently under a postpaid contract at their current carrier (including AT&T or Verizon. Starting August 2, 2020, not available for port-ins from Sprint or Shentel.) and want to switch to T-Mobile can take advantage of the Early Termination Fee (ETF) reimbursement offer. Follow the steps below:

You can trade in your old, working phone or device for credit towards a new purchase with T-Mobile's Device Trade-in Program. It is not required that your trade-in device was purchased from T-Mobile. When you activate your T-Mobile account, you can apply that trade-in credit to your bill. To get started, go to Device Trade-In and follow the on-screen instructions.

Yes, it is possible to keep the number you already have from another wireless or landline carrier. First, check if your existing number is eligible for transfer to T-Mobile. If it is, simply follow the on-screen instructions displayed during check-out to authorize the transfer. We'll do the rest. In rare circumstances, we are unable to transfer a number to our network. This is often because we don't have a transfer agreement with the original service provider. Be sure to keep your old phone and old account until your number is fully activated on your new account for seamless service. If you are interested in a prepaid phone and transferring your number to T-Mobile, visit your nearest T-Mobile store.

Individuals and families who are currently under a postpaid contract or a device payment plan, and have an account in good standing with any domestic carrier. You can check if you've already redeemed this offer here.

Yes. For the device payment plan, as long as that tablet was financed on a device payment plan that is in good standing, it is eligible for trade-in and reimbursement of up to $650 of the outstanding device payment plan amount. For ETFs, we will cover your ETF up to $350 per mobile Internet line when you trade-in your tablet. For both offers, you must purchase a new device with T-Mobile on a qualifying postpaid T-Mobile ONE plan.

Once you have received your final bill containing the ETF charge and/or device payment plan balance from your old carrier, go to within 30 days of activating your T-Mobile plan and upload a copy or image of your final bill to request reimbursement. We only need the page(s) of your bill that reflect your name, address, phone number(s) and Early Termination Fees (ETFs) and/or device payment plan amounts. You can either upload a PDF copy of your e-bill from your previous carrier, or you can scan or take a picture(s) of the page(s) with this information and upload the images online.

We require the final bill because only the final bill discloses the actual amount of your ETF or current device payment plan balance. Generally, your final bill will have a special one-time ETF charge. Most often this is listed as a \"Early Termination Fee\" or \"Contract Termination Fee\". Device payment plan balances will be listed as \"installment plan balance\" or \"retail installment plan balance\".

If your submission request is approved, the amount of ETF and/or device payment balance will be issued to you on a Virtual Prepaid MasterCard within 15-30 days. You will receive an SMS text with a link to register your prepaid card. Once you have registered your card, you will get immediate access to your reimbursement.

To qualify for Contract Freedom, you must switch to T-Mobile Home Internet, Small Business Internet, or Business Internet from another Internet Service Provider (ISP) and submit proof of Early Termination Fee (ETF) related to cancelation of your internet plan or breakage of a bundle containing internet due to cancelation of internet plan. You must be at least 90 days in good standing with your prior Internet Service Provider (ISP). You will need to activate service with T-Mobile on a qualifying 5G Internet plan, on or after May 10, 2022. One offer per eligible address, limited to 5 total rebates per account, new subscribers only. Name or service address on submitted bill must match new T-Mobile Home Internet, Small Business Internet, or Business Internet account billing name or registered service address information.

Any fees in addition to Early Termination Fees (ETFs) due to contract breakage are not covered by this offer, such as, but not limited to: construction costs, device non-return fees or device damage fees, remaining balance on financed devices (note: Carrier freedom does address mobile phone device fees. Please see FAQs above), late fees, missed payment, bounced checks, delinquent accounts and charge-offs.

Payout typically occurs around 60 days after submission (or approximately 2 calendar months) of your request and submission of a copy of your bill showing your ETF. If you are a business with Tax ID customer, you will receive an email with a link to a virtual prepaid Mastercard, but can ignore it as you are not able to redeem your card virtually. Your physical card will be mailed out 7 to 10 days after you receive this message.

This card may be used everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted. It allows you to make immediate, real-time payments and easily view fund balance information. Your MasterCard code will be sent via email you designated upon during your reimbursement submission, generally within 24-48 hours after all eligibility validation has been completed and approved and the 15-day waiting period has been met.

Once your approved submission has met the required waiting period, you will receive an email with a link to register your Virtual Prepaid Mastercard. By clicking on this link, you will be returned to

After logging back into the website (by clicking on \"Get Started\") you will see a \"Redeem Virtual Card\" button displayed in your submissions details on the Status page. Click on this button to be taken to the website where you will register your Virtual Card and access your rebate.

In June 2018, the FCC extended a waiver of its numbering rules for six months, allowing phone companies in areas affected by Hurricane Maria to port telephone numbers outside of their specified geographic areas. The waiver makes it possible for people who have evacuated to new areas to port their number to a new carrier at their new location.

FCC rules require simple ports, which generally do not involve more than one line or more complex adjustments to telephone switching equipment, to be processed in one business day. You may be able to use your phone within a few hours for changes among wireless service providers. However, porting from wireline to wireless service may still take a few days.

If you port from a wireline phone to a wireless phone, there may be a period when you have two telephones with the same number. Ask your new wireless company whether you will be able to continue using your current wireline number during the one-day transfer process.

Wireless 911 location and callback services (where available) may be affected during the transition. Calls should go through, but 911 operators may not be able to call you back if disconnected. Before porting, ask your new company if your 911 service will be affected during the process.

When you sign up for a service term or monthly installment plan, your carrier extends you a line of unsecured credit. As a result, the carrier cannot repossess your phone, and you can sell your phone, even if you still owe money on it. 041b061a72


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