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Strickberger's Evolution: The Best Book on Evolution You Can Get for Free

author by: david w. rofflerlanguage: enpublisher by: oxford university pressformat available: pdf, epub, mobitotal read: 69total download: 648file size: 41,9 mb,the field of evolution is one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding areas in biology. to prepare students to succeed in today's diverse academic environment, it is important to provide them with a solid background in basic evolutionary principles. this book provides a comprehensive course in the field, complete with a wealth of references, cross-referenced to the central ideas of evolution throughout history. in addition, it is designed to complement the best-selling introductory evolution textbook and the complementary text on evolution of genetics and genomics. this book has been carefully written for faculty to use in their courses and will be a valuable tool for students as well.

Strickberger's Evolution Ebook Free Download

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language: enpublisher by: mcgraw-hill educationformat available: pdf, epub, mobitotal read: 70total download: 771file size: 44,5 mb,this book is designed to introduce students to the basics of the role of evolution in shaping and sustaining life on earth. the reader will gain an understanding of what evolution is, what it means for life, and why we should care about the ongoing evolutionary processes at work on earth. the text consists of a series of short, self-contained chapters, which are divided into five sections. the first section introduces a few basic ideas about evolution, the second discusses the evolutionary history of the major organisms, the third deals with the continuing role of evolution in organisms, the fourth looks at the history of human evolution, and the last section covers the evolution of animals and plants. the best-selling evolution: a very short introduction is designed to complement this book, providing a more focused introduction to evolutionary biology for readers with little or no background in biology.


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