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Truck Racer [PAL][ISO] [TOP]

Shape up! If you see a furled black flag (wrapped around the stick), consider it a warning. This indicates either an equipment failure or incident involving rider conduct (i.e. passing under a yellow flag). You should either proceed to the start to speak with an official or stop your offending activity immediately. A black flag on your first lap means you most likely jumped the start of the race. If this is the case you must fall to the back of the field. A black flag during racing means you most likely illegally gained position(s) somehow. If this is the case you must drop back at least three racers.

Truck Racer [PAL][ISO]

  • George Stadelman becomes president.

  • Edward Wilmer named chairman.

  • New Supertwist cord spurs successful growth of pneumatic truck tires.

  • Balloon tires introduced.

  • Kelly-Springfield Tire Company purchased.

  • Explorer II, Goodyear-built stratosphere balloon, sets altitude record of 72,395 feet.

  • Construction begins on Indonesian tire plant.

  • Rubber plantation in Panama begins operations.

  • LifeGuard tube first marketed.

  • First rayon truck tire introduced.

  • First sit-down strike begins November 8.

  • Work begins on tire plants in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Norrköping, Sweden.

  • First rayon passenger tire introduced.

  • Double Eagle and LifeGuard tires used on some new cars.

  • Goodyear builds its largest heavy-duty truck tire with a carrying capacity of 25,000 pounds.

  • Paul Litchfield retires. Edwin Thomas named chairman; Russell DeYoung, president.

  • Goodyear Aircraft awarded research and development contract for SUBROC anti-submarine system.

  • Polyester resin plant construction starts at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.

  • Unisteel truck tire introduced, with radial wire plus three-ply breaker belt.

  • Production of foam-padded instrument panels begin for 1959 model cars.

  • New chemical plant begins operations in Le Havre, France.

  • Vytacord polyester cord announced.

  • Research scientists discover sprayable polyurethane rubber.

  • Goodyear Aircraft awarded U.S. government contract for development of high-resolution radar for world's fastest fighter plane.

  • Super Single tire and rim announced as replacement for duals on trucks.

  • Goodyear racing tires used on more winning stock and sports cars than any other brand.

  • Russell DeYoung named chairman and CEO, succeeds retiring Edwin Thomas. Victor Holt Jr. named president.

  • Goodyear achieves $2 billion in sales (just 13 years after reaching $1 billion).

  • Motor Wheel Corporation becomes a subsidiary.

  • Flexsteel, a radial ply truck tire, added to the line.

  • Goodyear Memory Belt introduced, automatically routes packaged items, using coded information stored in the belt's matrix.

  • Craig Breedlove sets speed record of 526.28 mph in a jet-powered Spirit of America equipped with Goodyear tires.

  • Goodyear enters international racing field for first time.

  • New Italian plant opens.

  • Chairman Charles Pilliod Jr. named Employer of the Year by National Industrial Recreation Association.

  • Natural rubber processing plant starts production at Benin City, Nigeria.

  • Russell DeYoung, retired chairman, honored by Indonesia for contributions to country's economy.

  • Goodyear and Oil Shale Corporation plan pilot plant at Rocky Flats, Colorado to turn scrap tires into oil, steel, and carbon black.

  • Indianapolis 500 is won by Bobby Unser in all-Goodyear field, marking first time in 13 years one company supplied all tires.

  • Goodyear Motor Sports Club started for auto racing fans.

  • Largest single-tire service contract in history awarded to Goodyear for trans-Alaskan pipeline project.

  • General Dynamics awards Goodyear Aerospace wheel and brake contracts for F-16 fighter jet.

  • Flexten cord incorporated into auto-radial truck and bias-belted earthmover tires.

  • The Wingfoot radial, a new high-performance auto tire, debuts at Chicago Auto Show.

  • Rick Mears wins Indianapolis 500 on Goodyear tires.

  • U.S. cities install Goodyear-made rubber railroad crossings at rate of two every workday.

  • $71-million expansion announced for radial truck tire facilities at Danville, Virginia.

  • New airship Enterprise christened in Pompano Beach, Florida.

  • Chairman Charles Pilliod Jr. receives the Horatio Alger Award.

  • Goodyear Bank sold to National City Bank.

  • Benny Parsons uses Goodyear tires to become the first stock car driver qualifying for a NASCAR Grand National race at more than 200 mph.

  • Double Eagle radial tires introduced.

  • Gordon Johncock uses Goodyear Eagle Speedway Specials to win the Indianapolis 500.

  • Phase-out of motorcycle tire production announced.

  • Goodyear Highway Hero program established to honor truck drivers for acts of heroism and public service.

  • Keke Rosenberg clinches the 12th World Drivers Championship for Formula 1 racing following a season on Goodyear tires.

  • The first American-built Honda rolls off the assembly line at Marysville, Ohio on Goodyear Corsa GT tires.

  • The Wall Street Transcript names Charles Pilliod Jr. the top-rated CEO for the second year.

  • GM's new Chevrolet Corvette equipped with the Eagle VR50 tire.

  • President Tom Barrett is elected to succeed Chairman Robert Mercer as chief executive officer, effective January 1, 1989.

  • Ground is broken for a $320-million tire plant at Napanee, Ontario, Canada.

  • The second phase of a high-performance tire expansion begins at Lawton, Oklahoma plant.

  • Phase one of an expansion at the Danville, Virginia truck tire plant is completed.

  • Project begins to increase production of auto tires and light and medium truck tires in Americana, Brazil

  • An expansion and modernization project begins at Kelly-Springfield's Fayetteville, North Carolina tire plant.

  • Industrial Products Division celebrates its 75th anniversary with the dedication of a joint-venture V-belt plant in Taiwan.

  • Goodyear's fourth-generation all-season tire, the Invicta GL, is introduced.

  • Goodyear airships honored by the Freedoms Foundation for public service night sign messages.

  • Aviation tire and Air Treads operations consolidated.

  • Tom Barrett succeeds retiring Chairman Robert Mercer.

  • A project to add high-performance auto tire production at Gadsden, Alabama is announced.

  • Expansion and modernization at Danville, Virginia is completed.

  • Project begins to increase medium radial truck tire production at Topeka, Kansas. Auto tire production at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia increased to serve the Japanese auto industry.

  • South Pacific Tyres begins to build a steel radial truck tire plant and modernize facilities in Australia and New Zealand.

  • Project begins to increase synthetic rubber capacity and development at a new specialty polymer facility at Beaumont, Texas.

  • Work begins on a Houston, Texas expansion to boost production of nitrile rubber and latex products.

  • SIBR rubber developed to improve heat resistance of high-performance and racing tires.

  • Goodyear produces customized tires for the U.S. Navy's A-12 attack bomber, the McDonnell Douglas MD-11 jet, and develops the first asymmetrical aircraft tire tread for the U.S. Air Force's F-15 fighter.

  • Goodyear introduces the first extended mobility, or run-on-flat, tire for the Chevrolet Corvette.Goodyear sells nearly all of its food and industrial films business to Huntsman Holdings Corporation.

  • Goodyear begins selling tires through mass-merchandiser Sears.

  • Goodyear completes the sale of its polyester businesses to Shell Oil Company.

  • Goodyear completes the sale of its polyester businesses to Shell Oil Company.

  • The rubber plantation in Indonesia observes 75 years of operation.

  • Consumers Digest magazine names the Goodyear Eagle GA tire a Best Buy.

  • Expansion at steel tire cord plant in Asheboro, North Carolina approved Goodyear introduces the first extended mobility, or run-flat, tire for the Chevrolet Corvette.

  • The Workhorse Extra Grip radial light truck tire makes its debut.

  • Trackman, an endless rubber track for retrofitting on skid-steer farm, business, and construction vehicles, is introduced.

  • Gadsden, Alabama plant begins an expansion to keep up with demand for light truck tires.

  • The All American pipeline enters into long-term crude oil transportation agreements with several major California offshore oil producers.

  • A joint venture is announced with India's CEAT Ltd. to build tires.

  • The company opens a representative's office and its first tire store in Beijing, China.

  • Distribution is expanded through adding approximately 1,000 new dealers and mass-merchandising outlets for Goodyear tires in the United States.

  • Goodyear introduces the 300 Series Unisteel commercial truck tire system, several new light truck tires, a broad market touring tire, automotive and industrial hose products with environmental benefits, and quieter, more efficient V-belts.

  • Sales of the Aquatred tire, winner of more than a dozen awards, including Japan's prestigious Good Product Design Award, reaches two million units in the United States.

  • Board of directors approves the elimination of quarterly dividend to shareholders.

  • Ohio Historical Society honors company founder Frank Seiberling with historical marker outside corporate headquarters.

  • CEO Robert Keegan outlines seven turnaround strategies.

  • Goodyear completes comprehensive refinancing and restructuring of bank loan agreements.

  • Eagle F1 GS-D3 wins NorTech Innovation Award.

  • Engineered Products adds production of air conditioning hose to Kranj, Slovenia factory.

  • Robert Keegan elected chairman upon Samir Gibara's retirement.

  • New three-year master labor contract ratified in North America, cost savings, productivity improvements are focus.

  • Six-month blimp tour of Japan completed, airship Spirit of Japan makes appearances in every major city and 42 of the nation's 47 prefectures.

  • Goodyear captures CIO-100 award for information technology operations.

  • Eagle F1 GS named Best Buy by Consumers Digest magazine.

  • Huntsville, Alabama Dunlop tire plant closes.

  • Engineered Products adds hydraulic hose offerings through deal with Italy's Alfa Gomma.

  • Goodyear tires chosen as standard equipment on Volvo and Freightliner trucks.



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